Francesco Clemente – Spring 2014 – 2RCCAFA Beijing, China  
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Publisher: Simona Rossi
Published: Mon, 31-Aug-2015
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In April 2014 the 2RCCAFA Spring workshop, for the first time, hosted an Internationally well known western artist, Francesco Clemente. The collaboration between the 2RC, Valter Rossi and Eleonora Rossi and Francesco Clemente had began in New York in the early 80’ and continued through the late 90’.
In Beijing the artist produced an etching in aquatint, working directly on the surface of the four copper plates with his paint brush with acid and water, using a tecnique, suggested by Valter Rossi, which is very close to watercolor.
With the technical support of Eleonora for the colors and Valter, just like in the old times and now also with Simona Rossi, Lino Tortosa, 2RCCAFA staff , Li Yansong, Peng Jinrong, Li Rongming, Tian Tian , Yu Ge, the etching“The History of the Heart in Three Rainbows” was created in Beijing.

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