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Together with the retrospective show “The Doublefold Dream of Art. 2RC between the artist and artificer”, introduced in January-February 2009 at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts of Beijing, 2RC has donated a large etching press, projected by Valter Rossi in 1969, so to create a unique moment of research in the etching techniques in China.

The collaboration between 2RC and CAFA China Central Academy of Fine Arts will allow:

  1. to invite established chinese and international artists, to continue the research in the etching field with the same international and experimental spirit that has always characterized the Roman Printshop from the year of its foundation, in 1959;
  2. to create courses for young technical printers and doctorate on advanced technique of etching held by Valter and Eleonora Rossi;
  3. to create an artistic exchange between Rome and Beijing.

The first workshop began on May 20th 2009 in Beijing and featured the first collaboration with the artist Tan Ping, whom, together with Valter and Eleonora Rossi, created two new etchings that will be soon pubblshed.

Gestation 2009
aquatint on 3 copper plate 100 x 120 cm
Fabriano 2RC paper 98,5 x 119, 7 cm
Chinese rice paper 98,5 x 119,7 cm
printed in 5 colors
estimated edition of 60
Melancoly 2009
aquatint on 4 copper plates 98,5 x 79 cm
Fabriano 2RC paper 98 x 78,6 cm
Chinese rice paper 98 x 78,6 cm
printed in 7 colors
estimated edition of 60

The new etchings will soon be visible on this website and on www.2rgallery.com

Also available in pre-pubblication

For more information contact 2rcgallery@2rcgallery.com

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