etching and aquatint on copper plate 181x90,5 cm.<br />printed in 7 colors<br />Chinese rice paper 181x90,5 cm. <br />edition of 70, XV artist proofs and XX H.C.<br />printed by Vigna Antonianina - Rome<br />published by 2RC Edzioni d'Arte - Rome
lithograph 48x64 cm.<br />printed 4 colors<br />Magnani paper 48x64 cm.<br />edition of 80 and XV artist proofs <br />printed by Stamperia 2RC - Rome<br />pubblished by Stamperia 2RC and Marlborough - Rome<br />670259.00
tching and embossing on copper plate 137x67 cm.<br />printed in 3 colors<br />Fabriano paper 137x67 cm.<br />edition of 75 and XV artist proofs<br />printed by Vigna Antoniniana - Rome<br />published by 2Rc Edizioni d'Arte - Rome<br />990721.00